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  1. Can Commercial Finance help my company raise cash from assets that I already own?

    Yes. We are able to take assets that are both unencumbered (have not outstanding finance or charges against them) and also those that are the subject of a finance agreement. Once we have established the current valaue of the assets we will be able to make a quick offer to provide funding. From the initial enquiry to the release of the funds can be as little as three days.

  2. Can your company provide me with a personal loan for any purpose?

    Yes we can. We have access to one of the most competitive personal loan rates in the UK today. Not only is this facility offering you the chance to take out a loan at low rates but there are no early repayment penalities as with a number of other suppliers and no arrangement fee. The APR starts from as low as 5.8% dependant on your personal circumstances. The loans can be for almost any purpose and includes a new car, a dream holiday, home improvements, a conservatory, debt consolidation, your childrens eductation and many more purposes. Call us for details.

  3. Do you have to be a limited company to obtain finance from TIP Commercial Finance?

    Definitely not. We are able to assist any UK based business and certain European and American clients. Our facilities are available to sole trader, Partnerships, LLP’s, Limited companies, Plc’s and public sector organizations. We also have bespoke funding available for new start businesses, MBO and MBI clients, those with poor previous credit histories and businesses in turnaround management situation.

  4. What does the term “Turnaround Finance” mean?

    Turnaround finance is the generic term used to descible a proceedure to help a business reverse declining profits and is a mixture of management advice and business refinancing. TIP Commercial Finance are involved in the latter process and will assist any UK based company to review its asset base and current business borrowings and provide the necessary new streams of finance to inject valuable capital into the business and reduce overall monthly outgoings.

  5. What is hire purchase?

    Hire Purchase is still the most popular form of finance in the UK. If you want to purcahse an item but do not want to pay upfront the full cost of the item you can elect to spread the cost of the purchase using a finance product. Under a Hire purchse agreement the finance company will pay the supplier for the goods and within the credit agreement you sign will be the terms of repayment and the credit rate to be charged. When all the payments have been made the finance company pass the title to the goods to yourself. Other names for this type of agreement are conditional sale, lease purchase and credit agreement.

  6. What is personal leasing?

    Personal leasing or PCH (personal contract hire) is the term used to describe a method of financing a vehicle and is in effect a long term hire. The benefit of this is that the user only pays for the expected depreciation and interest on the vehicle. At the end of the agreement the user has the option to continue to hire the vehicle or return it to the leasing company. When comparing the repayments to a standard hire purchase the user can expect the payments to be in excess of 20% lower than those of a hire purcahse agreement. The user can also opt for maintenance to be included and each years road fund licence is always a feature of this type of agreement.

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