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Funding Options

With many years experience in the financial market place Jelf Insurance Partnership Commercial Finance team are able to match your company’s cashflow expectations. We can provide a cost effective way to fund your capital machinery, vehicles commercial property and office equipment, IT networks and office furniture.

Furthermore through innovative bespoke funding solutions we can also utilise the existing business assets to raise additional capital to be used as deposits for the new assets or to provide essential working capital for your company. We are pleased to assist all types of company and have clients ranging from new start entities to major PLC businesses based in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Purchase Finance

This facility is essentially a scheme that enables a client to spread the cost of an acquisition over the useful life of the asset. The underlying agreement assumes that the company will want to own the asset at the end of the agreement and will effectively pass title to your company when all payments have been made.

The common names for such agreements are Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase and Contract Purchase, Term Loan and SFLG (Small Firms Loan Guarantee scheme) and Commercial Mortgage.

Leasing and Hire

The essence of this facility is much the same as for a purchase plan - the company wish to acquire an asset and repay the capital over the useful life of the asset. The difference here is that the client does not have any interest in taking ownership of the asset at the end of the agreement. Companies will utilise this plan for a number of reasons that may include taxation planning, to keep the asset off the balance sheet, cheaper repayments, VAT offset and the potential to upgrade equipment during the term of the agreement.

The common names for such agreements are Lease, Lease Hire, fully amortising lease, Finance Lease, full payout lease, Contact Hire, Operating Lease, long term hire and Off Balance Sheet facilities.

Commercial Mortgage

A Commercial Mortgage is effectively a long term loan secured against the trading premises of your company. The funder will advance upto 100% of the current market value of your property and spread the repayments over a term between 10 and 25 years to match your internal cashflows.  In many instances this can be a more effective than continuing to rent a property for the business to use.

We also have exclusive products available for professional landlords looking to fund a portfolio of properties (“Buy to Let”) as well specialist development funding to assist property developers to purchase and renovate properties where it is the intention to let those properties out on completion.

Grants and Equity Finance

In recent years a number of initiatives have been launched to help new and developing businesses to access governmental and charitable grants. The ability to find this funding is still very restricted by the lack of centralised information.

Jelf Insurance Partnership work with a number of organisations who provide these grants and can assist in matching funds to your project by way of grants, matched funding initiatives, SFLG (Small Firms Loan Guarantee) Scheme, guaranteed residual facilities and trade finance facilities.

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