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Sales Aid Finance

Sales-aid or Vendor finance is the term used to describe the finance facility provided by a manufacturer or supplier of high value items.

 As the name suggests it is used as an aid to a sale helping the supplier increase both the number of sales and their net enhanced profitability of the units financed.

The facilities are usually offer on a “business to business” basis but can also be attached to consumer purchases and example of which, would be a car dealership offering finance to its customers.

Typical assets would include yellow plant, manufacturing machinery, office equipment and IT related items, commercial vehicles, food production lines and any items that generally sell for more that £5000.

We have access to a panel of Premier funders that are used to provide full funding facilities to your business and include hire purchase, finance lease, contract hire, Lease purchase, operating lease, long term hire and “sale & leaseback”.

We are able to offer funding to all UK based businesses from new starts right through to the largest Plc and Public Sector businesses. Those clients who may have experienced financial difficulties in past or at the current time can also be assisted within the sales-aid programme.

Benefits to Your Business

In the modern business environment customers expect to be able to complete a sale with your company with ease. Clients buying smaller items expect to be able to pay by credit card or “on account”, but when buying more expensive items those companies that do not offer a finance solution integrated into the package will miss vital selling opportunities.

When implementing a sales-aid programme we will research the market for your products and recommend the suitable products to provide (and if necessary build a specific product as in case study 2). Once agreed training will be carried out with your client facing representatives to give them a basic knowledge of the products and outlining the best way to introduce finance into their sales presentations.

Before inception each approved vendor partner is provided with a branded web portal hosted on our server that seamlessly integrates into your own website to facilitate online proposals and provide basic information and enquiry services to web users.  All ongoing enquiries are handled by experienced TIP personnel to the transactions conclusion with ongoing management information being provided to highlight the monthly activity and commission generated.

Case Study One

A commercial vehicle dealer had facilities through the equipment manufacturer to assist with new vehicle sales but did not assist with the funding solution for used vehicles. Furthermore the Operating Lease facility provided was not competitive in the market and was resulting in lost sales to competitor brands.

We provided a secondary funding package that acknowledged the franchisors requirements to place a percentage of the finance based new vehicle sales through their in house funding company. All sales for used vehicles and those new units declined by the in house funder are passed to ourselves for underwriting. Using our large panel of funders, with the wide variety of packages available to us, we are able to provide a very high percentage acceptance rate to those clients we receive. In conjunction with one of our panel funders we have developed a specific used vehicle operating lease facility traditionally not available on used commercial vehicles.

Case Study Two

A major UK based modular building manufacturer required a facility to offer facilities specifically on long term hire. The make up and accounting treatment of the funding packages was particularly important as their primary market is the public sector, in particular universities and county councils. Due public expenditure restrictions many public bodies need to express their purchases as a rental rather than a capital purchase.

Our Commercial Finance team have many years of experience of the structure leasing market and are approved leasing advisors to the NHS. We have constructed a unique “tax fixed” lease facility that enables the supplier to quote on a fixed rate basis, per user, over periods upto 25 years in length without any contingent liability to either the supplier or their clients. This facility has now secured its first order for £5Million. Not only do we provide the end user with a bespoke funding solution but the supplier also secures orders that would normally be outside their grip and enhances profitability on each sale.

For help & assistance please contact our Commercial Finance team on 01482 213215

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