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Energy Performance Certificates

Property owners who wish to sell or lease their building are required by law, to produce an Energy Performance Certificate(EPC) that can be reviewed by prospective buyers or tenants. Jelf Insurance Partnership have a qualified energy assesor who can provide you with your energy assessment report.

What is a Energy Performance Certificate?

As from 1st January 09 you cannot legally market a property for sale or lease without providing an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

This certificate provides a building with a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade ranging from A to G. (A being the most efficient) and is valid for 10 years. 

The building inspection, carried out by a qualified Energy Assesor, will measure the buildings energy consumption and its carbon emissions by assessing the insulation, heating, ventilation, fuel type used and its construction.

Please contact our specialist team to arrange your assessment.    

Buildings exempt from EPC's

  • Places of worship
  • Stand alone buildings of less than 50m2 that are not dewllings
  • Temporary buildings with 2 years or less planned usage
  • Buildings with low energy demand ( e.g. Barns)  

For help & assistance please contact our Inspection Services team on 01482 213215

This service is not subject to Financial Conduct Authority regulation.

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