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Companies are increasingly relying on technology in order to run their business and whilst this has enormous benefits it also presents a variety of risks that could potentially damage your business.

What Is CyberProtect?

CyberProtect from Jelf Insurance Partnership is a policy that is designed to protect businesses where they are at their most vulnerable. 

The policy provides access to expert Digital Forensic Investigators with 48 hours and reimbursement of computer forensic examination costs.

For what is a relatively small premium you could protect your business from the following catastrophic risks:   CyberProtect 2

  • Data Recovery - Loss of company data or access passwords following either ‘back-up’, equipment or software failure, as a result of accidental/malicious deletion 


Theft of electronically held intellectual property - Investigation costs following suspected theft of: 

  • Company, customer or general databases
  • Plans/Specifications/ Drawings
  • Sensitive and confidential company information
  • Computer Misuse Act 1990 - Investigation costs to discover time locks, logic bombs and hacking
  • Employee Misuse - Contract of Employment breaches in respect of internet or email abuse,  inappropriate IT use or ‘time wasting’
  • Crime - Forensic Investigation services to detect cyber theft or fraud
  • IT Equipment (owned by the company) - Forensic investigation/Analysis of laptops, mobile phones, PDA’s, plug-in devices etc - where you expect misuse 

In addition to the services above, the policy also enables you to optionally display a certificate of insurance or download screen savers which for the first time provide a realistic deterrent to cyber misuse for your business.

All investigations are undertaken by members of The Digital Forensic Alliance. Each member works to an agreed service standard and is suitably qualified to provide independent evidence/analysis and where necessary can be called upon as a Registered Independent Witness.

Remember undertaking your own investigation cannot be deemed to be ‘Independent’ and could indeed damage your case. 

Call in the experts from day one!

For more information please contact our New Business Team or speak to your usual Account Executive

Tel: 01482 213 215 


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