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ChauffeurPlan Driverguard

Do you have points on your driving licence? The impact of a driving licence ban could be devastating, so don’t let it happen to you.

What would happen to you if you could not drive?

ChauffeurPlan Driverguard is a driving licence insurance for anyone who values their freedom to travel by car. Without it, your independence, social life, earning potential and even your job security could be at risk. For over 30 years ChaufferPlan have been helping motorists maintain their livelihood and their lifestyle when they are unable to drive.

ChauffeurPlan Driverguard’s unique range of benefits include:

Disqualification Cover

With increasing use of speed cameras and stricter penalties enforced by the courts, even careful drivers risk totting up points. ChauffeurPlan Driverguard  Elite provides up to £575 a week – that’s £30,000 a year – to pay for taxis, trains, flights or even a driver.

Personal Injury Cover 

(Available under the Elite product). A minor injury might not stop you working but how would you get around? If you suffer any kind of injury – at home, at work, driving, playing sport – ChauffeurPlan Driverguard provides the same great benefits, up to £575 a week to cover your travel costs for up to 1 year.

Car Hire Cover * (3 day excess) 

ChauffeurPlan Driverguard provides car hire cover for up to 28 days if your car is stolen, vandalised or needs repairs following an accident.

Emergency Travel and Accommodation costs

Up to £2500 to pay for hotels or transport home if you are stranded after a motor accident, anywhere in Europe.

Guaranteed cover (subject to terms and conditions)

If you’re aged 21 or over and hold and have held a current, valid, full UK driving licence for a period of at least 2 years. No more than 9 points current or pending. See Policy Wording for details.

That’s Not All…

In addition to these fantastic benefits you will also receive a FREE Legal helpline (see conditions).

There are 4 different levels of cover plans to suit the needs of different drivers – and a range of discounts available. Premiums start from around 22p a day when you buy online. With up to £30,000 – for up to 1 year – in benefits can you afford to be without ChauffeurPlan Driverguard?

Full terms and conditions, and a specimen policy wording, are available at the Driverguard website.

Please read these before buying.

To obtain a quotation or to purchase cover please visit the Driverguard website.

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