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Club Guard

There are some clear identifiable areas of risk that clubs should consider buying insurance to protect themselves. Club Guard, created by Jelf Motorsport, is an insurance product that can combine risk areas into a single insurance policy and, where applicable, covers can be added if required.

The MSA Liability Master Insurance Policy covers certain aspects for MSA registered clubs which are noted in the “Blue Book” as:

What is protected?

Events arranged by Clubs held under an MSA Permit of Certificate of Exemption.

Marshals training days are covered subject to prior notification being made and approval being given by the MSA

Approval may be given for the demonstration of vehicles subject to a specific application being made to and specific written approval being given by the MSA.

What is not protected?

Events not held under Permit or Certificate of Exemption are not covered, neither are any Record Attempts nor activities other than the normal competition.

Events such as: Club meetings, Displays &  shows, Social gatherings and Club member testing. 

As part of the master liability policy, member clubs are covered for their legal liability to third parties arising from their social activities. 

These activities encompass social evenings, award ceremonies and other like gatherings.  This extension DOES NOT cover claims arising from the following:

  • Hazardous and dangerous activities (except in an attempt to save human life)
  • Use of pyrotechnics and explosives
  • Overseas activities
  • Participation in actual motorsport
  • Commercial activities for gain/profit excepting raffles and prize draws or similar
  • Employers Liability or Errors and Omissions
  • Liability for bona-fide sub-contractors
  • Claims made specifically insured by the other existing policies
  • Damage to vehicles used by the organisers is not covered.  The policy provides no protection in respect of aviation incidents

Liabilities arising from the use of vehicles on the public road are not insured under the public liability policy.

Events abroad are not covered without special arrangement and approval being sought


If the club owns any property such as timing equipment, computers, radio equipment, trophies etc these still need to be insured under a Property insurance policy for Damage, Loss or Theft.

Employers’ Liability

For volunteers that work for you outside MSA Permitted Events, (for example, committee members or club members at a Club BBQ, carrying out administration duties or manning a club stand at an event)

As a club you are responsible for the health and safety of those volunteers while they are working for you. They are defined as employees as they are carrying out activities for and on behalf of the club and you are responsible for them should they be injured, or if they become ill as a result of their work they perform for the club.

You may also become liable for any contractors or third parties that you employ if they are working under your supervision or direction.

If you are unsure about whether or not a person is an employee under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act, please refer to the following explanatory document provided by the Health and Safety Executive at

Public Liability – Racing/Rallying/Practising

Unless you have an MSA permit that covers club practising, racing or rallying then you will need separate insurance. Karting clubs in particular require this cover.  

Public Liability – Fireworks

If you have an annual bonfire bash then the use of fireworks is not covered under the MSA Liability policy, meaning that if you arrange this type of event as a club you will need Public Liability insurance to protect the club from potential claims from the third parties attending the event. 

Public Liability – Commercial Activities

If the club performs any commercial activities for profit or gain, for example hiring out your timing or communications equipment, or providing any of the club’s services for a fee then there is no cover for this.

Directors/Officers and Trustee Indemnity

It is private individuals who take on the responsibility for running our clubs; they are the life blood of our sport.

A club may have directors, officers and trustees who give up their personal time to run their clubs and make key decisions for the benefit of their club. If a private individual is accused of any “wrongful act”, they can be held personally liable for their actions and decisions.

The MSA policy does not provide this cover for individuals outside Permitted Events.


As quotations are tailored to your needs, please either contact us on where one our dedicated motorsport team members will call you back to discuss your enquiry or call 01482 388513 and discuss your requirements with us.

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